Ion IVAN, Iulian LUCACI - Informatics Ethic Codes, in lucrarea Informatics Security Handbook, Editura ASE, Bucuresti 2006, 412 pg, ISBN (10) 973-594-840-0 ISBN (13) 978-973-594-840-5, Ion IVAN, Cristian TOMA (coordinators), pp. 195 -217.

Ethics Codes Exemples

Testers Ethics Codes
Responsables security applications Ethics Codes
Users Ethics Codes
E-mail users Ethics Codes

Acestea sunt numai exemple.
The students will realiye ethic codes for a special and effective working place.
Ethic codes realiyed bz the students:
Daniel Lazar, Radu Ratiu , Mihai Doinea, Dinu Daniel, Gabriel Gociu
in the academic year 2006/2007.
End your ethic code will be included here, if you will have only good ethic code