by Software metrics

Software metrics


authors: Ion IVAN, Mihai POPESCU, Panagiotis SINIOROS, Felix SIMION
edited by INFOREC Printing HOUSE Bucharest 1999


Chapter 1


1.1 Historical

1.2 The need to measure

1.3 The software quality

1.4 Standardization

1.5 Metrics and models

1.6 Presentation of the paper structure


Chapter 2

Indicators, indexes, measures

2.1 To a unitary system

2.2 Indicators

2.3 The dimensional analysis

2.4 The indicators properties

2.5 Classifications

2.6 Refining, testing

2.7 Conclusions


Chapter 3

Metrics of the source text

3.1 Existence forms of the programs

3.2 The length of the program as number of instructions

3.3 The length of the program as file

3.4 The Halstead metrics

3.5 Diversity indicators

3.6 The statistical analysis on the source text

3.7 The volume of executable instructions


Chapter 4

Software structures metrics

4.1 The software structure

4.2 Associated graphs

4.3 The cyclomatic number

4.4 Cyclomatic number and the context level

4.5 Aggregations on arborescent structures

4.6 Complexities of some equivalent sequences of program

4.7 The maximal cyclomatic number

4.8 Metrics of type “expenditures list’’


Chapter 5

Behavior metrics

5.1 Software in operation

5.2 Installation duration

5.3 Average duration of a transaction

5.4 The correlation problem size - execution duration

5.5 Durations imposed by execution replays

5.6 Evolution metrics


Chapter 6

Object orientated software metrics

6.1 The object orientated analysis and programming

6.2 The encapsulation degree

6.3 Metrics for inheritance


Chapter 7

Metrics of the data bases

7.1 Data bases

7.2 The data base complexity

7.3 The data base capacity

7.4 Activation degree


Chapter 8

The utilization of software metrics and the quality management

8.1 The software quality stages

8.2 Characteristics of software quality and metrics

8.3 Measurements continuity


Chapter 9

The metrics validation

9.1 The metrics diversity

9.2 Metrics selection criterias

9.3 Association of an attribute to the software metrics

9.4 The software metrics qualification