Pot fi modificate valorile atributelor pentru: - dimensiunea afisata in pagina web exprimata in pixeli; - posibilitatea de a porni automat la incarcarea paginii HTML; - posibilitatea de a cicla continuu secventa video; - volumul secventei video. This means that your movie,, will be played in that spot in your web page. The width of the movie is 240 pixels. The height is really 180 pixels, but since you want the controller to be available for your user, you need to add 16 pixels for it to appear. The movie will play automatically since AUTOPLAY=true. Making it equal false would force the user to click on the movie to play it. LOOP=false means that the movie will play only once instead of infinitely. The PLUGINSPAGE tag tells the users browser where to download the QuickTime plug-in if they don't already have it.